1Year-I love you!

Distance separates us, but she can separate two bodies not two souls.

We know each other of one year and a few months and we love each other of one year.For one year we dreamed, we hoped and we believed that life can be better.I learned in a year as I not learned in the 16, and it’s not what is taught in schools is about love … a misunderstood art … love … an enigma?With you I understand what it means to give without receiving something in return, I learned that no matter how many miles separate us as long as we trust, not in ourselves but  in our love.With you I found myself, that girl with her ​​eternal smile on your face, with you I laughed, I cried, I fell and I stood up.A year full of joy, sadness, love, passion and desire, a year that has left its mark on my life.

A year ago we shared our feelings and for then I love you more and more every day.I love you just as you are „child”.



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A perfect song<3

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Decisions in life


“You tell them-you tell them there’s a cost…Every decision we make in life,there’s always a cost.” ― Brad MeltzerThe Inner Circle.

Life …. An undefined road full of obstacles .. and we … we are ordinary people. Life itself is a test, thus we can  learn what it means:happiness, hope, what it means to give, sadness and finally love. Life takes its course: you’re  born, live and die;but we have to decide how we want to live our life and every decision  mark  our future;every decision has its purpose and cost, lose or win. Not always take the right decisions, but the only way we learn, from mistakes ….

Do not be influenced by others and take the decision you want to , because you create your own future and choose your own destiny.


      …“Crying is all right in its own way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.” 
― C.S. Lewis

      …“So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” 
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

     …“Please do make your decisions in life and feel confident that they are right.
However, if fate is involved, feel just as confident even if they aren’t.” 
― C. ElizabethAbsolute Obsession


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I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m drowning in the tears…I cry drops of soul…
I miss you!Do you miss me ?
I’m alone again in this stuck moment,this emptiness feel like death.
I just want to turn back time,
I just wanna hold you in my arms ,kiss your perfect lips
I just want you to be here with me…
Why everytime the love must be complicated?
Why distance exist?
Why I’m still alive?
Why I’m here and you are there?
So many questions,so few answers…
Time passes-TIC…TAC!
The autum is here…and you aren’t.
If I die would you be here with me?
Just to look at me…

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Wish you were here!

You know I’m tired to tell people I love that I’m fine because I’m not.I’m alone now, you left and I can’t do this without you:-<.I’m empty…You took everything with you and left me here to fight the people and tell everyone that I’m okay and I’m so happy although I’m tired to cry when the sun goes down.So many memories…So many feelings…So many dreams…So many plans -and- DISTANCE. Sometimes I’m so afraid that If I say the wrong thing,or make the wrong move, you’ll just leave.You’ll say FUCK THIS and walk out of my life…No warning,no goodbye,no explanation.Just the memory of you:-<. You know…Right now I want to hear your heartbeat as we fall asleep together <3,but I can’t you are miles away from me and I’m miles away from you and this kill me:(.

P.s.:I love you!I miss you!I’ll be waiting for you:o3

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You left…

Here I am alone again…I can’t stop this pain…feel like I’m dying.Just five months,oh God is so much time I missing you more and more every day but I can’t do anything.Maybe you don’t know but I love you so much and sometimes I want to kill myself because I can’t do this without you here,you are there and I’m here and is so hard.I miss you…I am alone with the memories and I can’t stop crying.All this pictures around me make me feel lost and insecure and my heart stops beating.

P.s.:I miss you my little boy… just come here and save me!

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Don’t let me go..

Pfff..I have so much to say and I say…Well I say nothing.I don’t know how to prove how much I love you, I really don’t know. Don’t tell me I need somebody else because I don’t want somebody else , I want you! Is so hard for you to trust me?Tell me what to do, because honestly I don’t know what to do right now.Right now I want to run away from this place, Don’t let me go… hold me and tell me everything will be fine.Just fine.

P.s.:Hold me because I’m dying!

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For my little boy:o3

Here I am…So far away from you,I hate this but I can’t do anything except being patient and keep calm while waiting for the day we will finally be together.I wish there were no miles between us,I hate distance.

I know I’m a little girl x_X But…I really like you,so what I supposed to do?I can’t let you go…We’re crazy!I know I made some mistakes and I can’t change anything.Yeah-I’m possessive,jealous…I have so many defects, I’m not perfect …is just me!I’m a weird girl!

P.s.––>Three words

––>Eight letters

––>Say it and I’m yours .!

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I don’t understand…:-s

I don’t understand why is for you so hard  to believe in me?..I’m not the others girl,all I want is you. I know right now you think I’m just like the other girls,but I’m not. Is just me a… ordinary girl-I have dreams and plans,I hope and I believe ,I smile and I cry. All I want is you and I want you to trust me. -B 

P.s:I love you!

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